0т 17ти юни 2019г. всички офицери трябва да завършат онлайн курс Introduction to the 2020 Sulphur Cap .

Моля следвайте следните инструкции:

Step 1 -Go to https://www.cleanshipacademy.com/courses/Introduction-to-the-2020-Sulphur-Cap-3

Step 2 -Click on “Enroll for free” link. If the officer remembers his cleanship academy login details he could sign in with email and password. If not go to Step 3.

Step 3 -Create new account. Fill out the required information. Name / Surname should be as shown on passport and company: Zodiac Maritime.

Officer will be able to start and stop the course at any time, just need to sign back in and resume the course.

There will be a course certificate issued at the end. Please obtain a copy from the officer and please upload to “Introduction to The 2020 Sulphur Cap” in the OOS.